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Manktelow pushes back against Cuomo proposals, including high speed rail across NYS

Call Assemblyman Brian Manktelow a skeptic.

He’s seen the list of proposals outlined by Governor Andrew Cuomo for his State of the State Address on Wednesday, but he’s not buying that they will make life better for all New Yorkers.

“Everyone who lives in Upstate New York knows our infrastructure is really bad. Roads, sewer, water, so why would we spend any sort of taxpayer money on high speed rail?” He asked during an appearance on Finger Lakes Morning News on Finger Lakes News Radio.

He says there needs to be change at the top in Albany before significant progress will be made on budgetary issues. The state is currently facing a $6 billion deficit as it enters the budget process.

“If I was Governor I’d have every assemblyman and every senator in a meeting and see what’s going on around the state,” he said. “The way it’s done now [in Albany] is just so wrong.”

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