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Canandaigua City Councilor David Whitcomb reflects on 10+ years of service, notable efforts

David Whitcomb spent more than a decade on Canandaigua City Council. In fact, he spent 11 years there. He chose not to run for another term in 2019, and that was a calculated move – so that he could focus on practicing law, and spending time with family.

There are aspects of his past-work on council that he will miss, as he explained in an interview with The Messenger Post. “For now, I have to step back,” he said to The Post.

Whitcomb first ran for Ward 1 in 2008. It was a special election, and he was re-elected in 2009, as reported by The Messenger. For him, those days seems far gone. He was among the council members who pushed for a ban on plastic straws. That was broadened to include polystyrene products.

Council never acted on that legislation, but now it appears the state will be taking action on it in 2020.

“For the most part, I think it raised awareness and I feel good about that,” Whitcomb said to The Messenger about his time in office. “Is that going to save the Earth? Obviously it is not. But it’s a symbol of the whole movement away from plastics.”

He says the expectations people have about government are the things that ultimately make doing the day-to-day work so valuable. “We want to have a military. We want to have roads. We want to have schools. We want to have policy and laws that govern how we operate. We want to have all of these things,” Whitcomb added to The Messenger. “The way that we collectively organize ourselves to accomplish the things we want to collectively accomplish … I always found that interesting.”

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