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Where to play pickleball in the Finger Lakes area

The game of Pickleball is growing drastically and there are more and more places every day for you to play. What started as a game that was played on basketball courts in between their regular use has now turned into a highly demanded sport that takes up its very own real estate. This has to lead many people to seek out where the best place to play pickleball around them is located.

There have been several websites form with the sole purpose of informing people about the rules and regulations as well as locations of where to play. If you are looking for courts near you there are many places to seek out this information that did not exist just a short time ago in the past. When it comes to finding a place to play Pickleball there are advantages to living by or in a larger city.

This case makes itself clear when searching for courts in a smaller area and not turning up any results. If you live in Finger Lakes, NY and you are attempting to find the nearest pickleball courts you may have experienced such difficulty. The best way to avoid this, however, is to search the biggest cities around you for a place to play.

Pickleball Near Finger Lakes

Fortunately for the residents of Finger Lakes, they do not live very far from the city of Syracuse. Syracuse happens to have quite a few places that are designed specifically for playing pickleball. Here are just a few:

  • Ellis Field Tennis courts

  • Magnarelli Community Center At Mcchesney Park

  • Pickleball Courts at Auburn YMCA

These options are not in Finger Lakes, but they are relatively close by and are official sites where you can participate in the sport. The Pickleball Courts at Ellis Field Tennis Courts consist of portable nets that are put up on Monday evenings for pickleball enthusiasts. There is no cost to play and they welcome all skill levels.

The Magnarelli Community Center At Mcchesney Park is a little more restrictive in who can play. They limit participants to 55 years of age and older and participants have to register. They do however have two indoor courts and they do not discriminate against any skill level of player. You are advised, however, to bring your equipment.

Pickleball Courts at Auburn YMCA can be found in the other direction from Finger Lakes then Syracuse. The times to play on these courts are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 – 10 am. There is also a $10 fee to play on these courts.

This triangulation of Finger Lakes is the most convenient way available at the moment to find the closest place to play Pickleball. This is leaps and bounds above where you would have been not too long ago trying to locate courts as the sport has become much more possible in recent times. Eventually, if the trend continues there will be plenty of courts even closer to Finger Lakes, NY.

Increase in Popularity and Available Courts

What has driven this increase in popularity in the sport is that a lot of fitness centers are offering pickleball as a viable alternative to tennis for those who wish not to be some competitive or play such an intense game. The reason that pickleball is so much less intense than tennis is the very design of the game itself. Pickleball is played with much softer materials than tennis that is designed to produce less speed and intensity. The court is also much smaller.

The ball used in pickleball is a whiffle ball instead of the much more elastic tennis ball. The ball, therefore, travels much slower and makes the game move at an easier pace requiring less mobility. The paddles are also made from plastic and generate much less force than the taught wires on tennis racquets.

All of these factors make the game much more accessible to a much larger group of people. Most sports are limiting in who can participate based on their difficulty and specific required skills. The overall inclusivity of pickleball makes it much more conducive to popularity and growth.

Internet locators and other advertisements for Pickleball are becoming more prevalent. Even if you live in a smaller town like Finger Lakes, NY, you will likely be able to find a local court. The website technology to locate courts nearby is still rather limited and other means should also be sought out. However, since there is growing popularity among the sport and an influx of leagues, tournaments, and clubs, the ease of finding local courts will continue to increase.

Pickleball is an overall popular game because of its inclusive nature and ease of play. This has made it a choice game for anyone who wishes to become more active and join an activity.

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