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Build a Successful Career in Cybersecurity with (ISC)2CISSP in 3 Steps

If you really want to build a career in cybersecurity, then you should become a CISSP. TheCertified Information Systems Security Professional is a specialist who ensures that the site or data of an organization is safe from any possible security threats.Such an individual also needs todeployand maintain cybersecurity programs, create policies, and oversee or troubleshoot all the possible security risks. The position confirms that you have the knowledge and skills that are necessary to effectively tackle complex security threats to the IT infrastructure of a company.

To become a professional at this level, you need to gain the CISSP credential. It is a highlyvalued IS certificate, whichwascreated by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium. Achieving this credential will give you a solid foundation to pursue further training in the field of cybersecurity and also open the door of opportunities for your career growth. Usually, with (ISC)2 CISSP you can obtain the position of a Chief IS Officer, a Security Manager, a Security Analyst, or similar. Proceed to read this article, if you want to know the steps to get this certification.

How to attain CISSP certification?

Getting a certificate can be very difficult in any case: whether you want to become an expert in your current position in the IT sphere or you merely starting your path with the first certification in your life. The CISSP credential is not the easiest one to earn, but with our tips and detailed overview, you will surely achieve success. Here are the steps you need to make to complete the CISSP exam with flying colors:

Acquire 5 years ofexperience

Unlike many other IT certification programs, becoming a CISSP is not just about signing for some exams, passing them, andgrabbing your credential. Actually, taking the CISSP test is not even the first step towards becoming a certified professional. You are required to provideproof of five paid years of working experience in at least 2 of the Common Body of Knowledge domains. In case you don’t know, there are 8 of these Security domains:Engineering, Asset, Software Development, Operations, Risk Management, Assessment and Testing, Identity and Access Management, and Communications and Network Security. You cannot be allowed to enroll for the CISSP certification exam without this requirement because you won’t be able to understand the topics, concepts, and objectives in detail.

Prepare for the exam and pass it

The second step to becoming a certified specialist is to prepare for and take the CISSP exam. Please note that the passing score is 700 points out of the highest possible 1,000. It takes six hours to complete a mix of advanced innovative and multiple-choice questions. The certification test costs $699 currently.

To prepare for all of this, the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium official webpage offers all the candidates to download the examoutline and check the link to their Study App and guide, practice tests, and other preparation materials. The Study App is available through Google Play and App Store. It costs only $10. You can also get the official textbook to understand the skills and knowledge tested in the CISSP exam. Moreover, you can use CISSP Flash Cards to evaluate your knowledge. If the self-study materials offered by the (ISC)2 CISSP webpage are not enough and you feel like you need more than that, then you can take online training or one inthe classroom.

We also recommend using the PrepAway website. It is a reputable platform where you can take your CISSP classroom and online training at a very affordable fee. And there are also other useful materials, such as questions & answers, braindumps, and a bunch of free files to help you deal with this certification exam.

Get endorsed

The third and the last step to becoming a CISSP is to get endorsed. After completing your exam, you need to subscribe to the (ISC)2 Code of Ethics.Then you will be required to complete an official endorsement form to become a CISSP. You will have to look for another (ISC)2 certified specialists to sign the completed endorsement form. They will first verify your professional on-the-job experience and ascertain that you have been working for the required period as we mentioned earlier. After the form is signed, you need to submit it to (ISC)2 within the period of 9 months after passing the CISSP exam. This means that the completion of the first two steps does not necessarily grant you certification status automatically as it is the case for most IT credentials.


In spite of the rigorous process of getting certified, a CISSP must recertify every 3 years in order to maintain their credential. During thisperiod, it is required to pay $85 as a maintenance fee, or a total of $255. You will also be required to submit 40 CPE (continuing professional education) credits every year. You can visit the official websiteon how to become a CISSP certified specialist and how to maintain the certification status.


To have a successful career as a security professional, you should work hard towards becoming a CISSP as it is the path that is right for you and your career. Pursuing this certification will benefit you in many ways, including having better job potential, earning global recognition, higher salary potentials, and allowing you to take full advantage of the available educational opportunities, peer networking, and forums that are offered through the (ISC)2 company.

The CISSP certification is a professional credential that helps theIT security specialists to stand out from the crowd. That is why you will definitely need to follow the steps we mentioned above. PrepAway is here to help the students achieve this credential by providing the certified courses and study materials. Use this guide, get the prep tools you need, and prepare yourself for a new life.

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