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INSIDE THE FLX: Four battle to become county supervisor in Seneca Falls

Is it time for change in Seneca Falls?

Voters have a choice between four candidates for the two open at-large positions on the Seneca County Board of Supervisors. Due to geographical breakdown and the weighted voting system – Seneca Falls and Waterloo have ‘extra’ representatives on the Board.

Don’t worry – it doesn’t give them a voting advantage – it just divides votes among the group so one person can’t have too much voting power.

Recently the two incumbents, Republicans Ralph Lott and Paul Kronenwetter were in-studio discussing their campaigns. Earlier in the fall – the challengers – Democrats Sue Sauvageau and Rachel Weil were in-studio discussing the same.

The result is that each brings a unique experience to the table. Listen to all four conversations from Inside the FLX below before Election Day.

Ralph Lott (Republican) (Watch Here)

Paul Kronenwetter (Republican) (Watch Here)

Sue Sauvageau (Democrat) (Watch Here)

Rachel Weil (Democrat) (Watch Here)


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