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Newark CSD spotlighted by local media in Rochester

Morning television feature reporter Michael Schwartz is visiting and spotlighting a different high school every Friday morning on Good Day Rochester’s early “Friday Morning Lights” segments through the end of October to talk to the students, athletes and club members.

On September 27th, the Newark Reds were gearing up for the Big Homecoming Weekend Friday evening football game against Wayne Central. In addition to sports news, Schwartz graciously spent some time highlighting a few other programs at NHS. See it all here:

“Good Day Rochester” airs weekday mornings from 5 – 7 a.m. on 13WHAM and 6:30 – 9 a.m. on FOX Rochester (WUHF).

“Last week when I received word from Michael Schwartz at 13 WHAM that he was looking to us to host “Friday Morning Lights,” I immediately said ‘Yes’ as my experience with the segment several years ago was fantastic,” NHS Principal Tom Roote said.

“At that time, retiree Mr. Dave Schwind was really the hero of the event. This year, that individual was unquestionably Mr. Chris Corey. As Mr. Corey did a great deal of leg work to prep segments for Mr. Schwartz that had an athletics focus, I worked to prep segments that celebrated our history in the fine arts. While I am extremely proud of the esprit de corps modeled by our students during each segment, I am even more proud of the staff that unconditionally gave up their time to to raise their students voice to celebrate NHS. Up bright and early were Ms. Emily Howard, Ms. Kate Flock, Mr. Bob Humphrey, Ms. Renee Bailey, Mr. James Zeger and Ms. Danielle Ohlson. The highest compliment I can pay all involved is to say that the freshness they bring to their work as each new school year is to be admired. Even today, I learned valuable details about our programs that I can share with others. It is these details that really tightens the fabric that is the NHS community.”

Members of the many different NHS athletic teams, NHS instrumental and vocal musicians, The Fox NCSD mascot, and other students and staff featured in the six “Friday Morning Lights” segments  happily braved the chilly, early morning temps to show their school spirit and Newark PRIDE.

During the second “Friday Morning Lights” segment, NHS senior Lynzee Havert, a member of the Girls Varsity Soccer team that is currently 7-1 and ranked 7th overall in Class B in New York State this season, told Schwartz how much Newark athletes appreciate participating in “sports they love” on the new fields and track in the NHS athletic complex. Chris Corey, Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics for the NCSD agreed, noting the new facilities also more safely allow sports competition in inclement weather.

“Our new facilities were enabled by our supportive community who sees the value of athletics in the lives of our students,” Corey said afterward. “This is a shining example of what Newark PRIDE is all about.”

During  refreshment break between filming of the second and third segments, 9 dozen donuts and 9 dozen bagels were scarfed up _ 1 per person _ in seemingly no time by hungry students and staff. They were served from the concession stand window to the hungry crowd by Diane Muilwyk-Clemons,  Administrative Assistant for the NCSD Athletic Department and other volunteers.

For the third “Friday Morning Lights”  segment, students formed a huge circle on the new field. They cheered excitedly and frolicked as Schwartz went around naming each of the various teams and clubs represented as Photojournalist John McClintock videotaped them.

The fourth segment focused on the recognition fine arts programs at NHS. “I can’t tell you how proud I am to have the fine arts be celebrated here,” Roote told Schwartz during an on-camera interview.

One of the projects highlighted was the beginning of the creation of a mural depicting the history of potato farming in Savannah, N.Y.

NHS graphic design, photography, media art and arts-in-culture teacher James Zeger is overseeing the largely-student driven project commissioned by the Town of Savannah.

He is co-founder of Mural Mania with Lyons resident Mark DeCracker that has done several murals in Wayne County communities in recent year _ the latest in the T. Spencer Knight Park along the Erie Canal in downtown Newark.

  Three NHS Art Club members _ Grace Ketcham, a senior and juniors Ashley Allegretti and Catlyn McEmery who worked on that project this last summer and will be among those creating the new mural _ were also interviewed.

During the fifth segment, Schwartz became part of the story. With the quick-thinking help of some of the NHS Drama Club’s “Argonautika” cast, they jointly made up some lines for the Roll Call chant and during the live filming, the good-natured reporter executed them perfectly.

   “I was so proud of the cast of “Argonautika” for representing such great school spirit,” Director Emily Howard said afterward. “We are a cast of 26 with almost an even distribution of grade levels, so Drama Club is a great way to celebrate community at NHS. The students are the best advocates for the program and their passion and enthusiasm really showed. Plus the timing was perfect to promote our fall show, “Argonautika” October 10 and 11 at 7 p.m.”

The sixth segment found Schwartz visiting the outside courtyard garden completed in August that’s adorned with 33 unique birdhouses, made during the last few months of the 2018-19 school year by students in Amy O’Connor’s Pottery and Advanced Pottery classes and Renee Bailey’s Mixed Media and Drawing and Painting 2 classes.

He also spoke with senior Shenna Harris in the new Multicultural Studies English 12 Class taught by NHS English teacher Danielle Ohlson and Bailey that allows students to creatively integrate art and history into English.

And finally, he talked with Ohlson about “It’s REAL” (Rights, Education, Advocacy, Leadership) group at NHS that she advises and one of its leaders, Tajhmere Greene.

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