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Looking at how farmers keep cows cool in the heat

It’s important to be able to cool off in the summer heat, but that’s especially true for cows. At Barbland Dairy Farms in Fabius there are 2,000 cows to take care of.

For milking, farmers like to keep a cow’s temperature somewhere between 40 and 60 degrees. When it gets too hot, the barns have fans that turn on and sprinklers that go off every 30 minutes.

We’re told a lot of effort goes into keeping the cows happy.

“Comfort is number one priority all year round,” said Barbland Dairy Farm Summer Intern, Tad Patterson. “During the summer time, It’s a little bit harder because they do not like it when it’s hot out. They get agitated and frustrated, just like people do.”

Cows also sweat, just like people, when they’re too hot, and white cows are more prone to sunburn.

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