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Ithaca City Cemetery to Undergo Restoration

Tuesday morning, the officials and community members gathered with the historic Ithaca preservation services to announce donations made to help clean up with historic Ithaca Cemetery. The cemetery has its first burial sites dated back to the 17 hundreds and is full of not only Ithaca history– but American history in general. Because of all the history contained in this Cemetery, the Historical Preservation committee asked for help taking care of the site from the city, and they got more help then they ever expected.

“We had a $75,000 commitment from the city to work towards repairs in the historic cemetery and it needs quite a bit of work and thankfully, Mayor Myrick spoke to Cornell and got a matching commitment of another $75,000,” says Christine O’Malley, Services Coordinator for Historic Ithaca Preservation’s.

The donation totals $150,000 that is going to provide the city with more opportunities to do necessary repairs to the cemetery. The whole cemetery is going to undergo renovations throughout the year, but Historic Ithaca has plans on what needs to get worked on first.

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