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Research finds New Yorkers aren’t getting enough sleep

So many of us spend our days in pursuit of a good night… a good night’s sleep, that is. Or at least that’s what it seems like. We don’t sleep enough, and then we jump start our morning with a strong cup of coffee. The National Sleep Foundation knows why that is. Its 2018 poll found that just 10 percent of respondents place sleep at the top of their daily activities. Only one in three get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep regularly.

Dr. Ana Krieger, director of Weill Cornell Medicine’s Center for Sleep Medicine, says compared to two generations ago, people are sleeping a lot less. “I think more or less two hours less of sleep. We are having about 6.9 hours, 6.7 hours.”

Krieger doesn’t believe the trend of sleeping less is intentional. She says it is a by-product of our increasingly tech-centered lifestyles. “There was a lot of changes that happened because [of] the modernization in artificial light, the access to information 24/7 has just made us feel that we were entitled to just stay up because the computer is up. But, unfortunately, we don’t work like that. The body is not meant to be awake 24/7.”

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