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Businesses along Lake Ontario brace for flooding

Water levels at Lake Ontario are expected to continue to rise and some business owners are already dealing with water challenges.

The dock at Bayside Pub in Webster is already underwater.

"And I’m looking at it right now and everyone’s freaking out a little bit…So when it’s like this, happened in 17 it affected us, came over, you couldn’t feed anybody here," said Kyle Wigent, a bartender at Bayside Pub.

Businesses with decks, docks, or even patios risk water damage. The water level is already high, and with a day of rain, it's getting higher.

For weather-dependent businesses like Bayside, this could mean trouble.

“So I expected if it goes above it’s gonna hurt us really badly this season," said Wigent.

Marge's Lakeside Inn has been on the water for 59 years. Lessons they learned from 2017 flooding have helped them to prepare for this year.

“The town has, their trying to get use like an aqua dam to put down here which I think would help," said Fran beth, co-owner of Marge’s Lakeside Inn in Irondequoit.

Both businesses will stay open for the summer. Marge’s even had a creative way to use the water from flooding two years ago.
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