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12 college life situations D students know oh so well (and how to fix them)

Until the orientation time, you portray your future college years through the lens of a college-related Netflix series: parties, rivalries, competition, and first encounters with the authorities. Some students manage to live their school years up to this Netflix model, skipping the studying part and having a close perspective on social life. As they say, it works until it doesn’t, but we believe these are the situations every D students can relate to.

1. Daytime Yoda of Paraphrasing

When you need to use your own words, it’s your own words you use because of need. No plagiarism checker in the galaxies can prove you wrong!

How to fix:

Use the grammar checkers or writing tools to get quick help with your papers if the time is not on your side anymore.

2. In the class, outdoors…

You can throw it everywhere: in the library, in the middle of a lecture, in a diner. Some can even find you doing it in the kitchen or car. Honestly, falling asleep everywhere is the unique superpower you could have been proud of if it wasn’t…well, too strong.

How to fix:

Change your lifestyle. If this is not an option, you can take a nap.

3. Can you tell us a story?

When the A’s are not ready (it does happen once in a blue moon), you are the secret weapon to ask the teacher to tell that story that happened during their college years. Some could take pretty long time!

How to fix:

Are you sure you want to fix this?

4. I know you from… where?

You think you’re a straight D student because honing your social skills needs just a few more hangouts. Don’t even ask why you know so much about what will happen during the third year or how to trick that Mr. Robinson.

How to fix:

Don’t even try changing it.

5. Strong analytical skills: We are doomed

You can figure out what’s going on in a blink. If the ivy-league-wannabes tell you they messed up the test, most likely, you did the same.

How to fix:

You’re doing a good job, so keep on.

6. Strong Analytical Skills 2.0.

You have no idea what is the question, but you’ve noticed you haven’t circled B for the last five ones. So B it!

How to fix it:

Well, it does have its logic. You can also read some probability theories.

7. Strong Analytical Skills…Weakened.

As usual, you have no clue what is being asked, but you know the answer is C. Then you look up the answer of your mate who ticked D. “He’s smarter,” you said, so you cross out C and put D instead. The results you are handed the next day made you hesitating if that classmate is smarter indeed.

How to fix:

Just stop doing that. Those who SEEM TO BE smarter not necessarily ARE smarter.

8. Poker Face

Well, this is your default face every time the teacher asked if everyone is finishing their projects. No need to say you have 0 idea what was the task but you keep playing cool.

How to fix:

(this face forever).

9. Can I have the last chance for the second time, please?

OK, now it’s a midterm, and the things are whirling here. The teacher asked you to hand the project a few weeks ago, and today is REALLY the last chance to get your D. It is also today that the car decided to die in the middle of the road. “Dear Professor, you wouldn’t believe it but …”

How to fix:

You should definitely notify the professor that you can’t make it because so and so. Chances are, they won’t believe, especially if this happens habitually so just keep track of your due dates.

10. God of Procrastination

Regardless of the extensions the teacher gives you, the tasks remain tasks. At least, you can take pride in consistency.

How to fix:

For real, pull yourself together. Fine, you can watch Shia LaBeouf “Just Do It” but then you do it!

11. Extremes met, and the meeting wasn’t good

So, you have a group project and the people assigned as your team are the ones you know from the parties and social life. Having strong analytical skills, you know what that means: nobody will do nothing until the night before the presentation. You are even ready to blame them but…

How to fix:

Don’t blame anyone. Just get them together for a party, order pizza, and don’t let them eat it until you come up with the ideas. You might need a few pizza parties but hey… who would complain?

12. Smile Saves the Presentation, They Said

After reading the first three sentences from the title slide, you realized you would mess up the term presentation. In the middle of it, you look at the faces of your classmates and the professor just to prove yourself right. You say thank you and do a smile try, which looks exactly what it is: a smile try.

How to fix:

Regardless of what you do, don’t fake emotions. Firstly, it’s offensive. Secondly, did you even see your face faking a smile? Exactly.

Now you have the written proof that being a student is tough. What you also have is proof that being a D student is even tougher. Sometimes, though, it looks like a very subtle art.

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