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Centro buses no longer driving inside Auburn Plaza

Two Centro bus routes in Auburn have recently been slightly modified to ensure public safety, but one bus rider feels the routes have become dangerous.

The Central New York Regional Transportation Authority, or Centro, has two routes (2 and 3) that stop at the Auburn Plaza on Grant Avenue. Prior to Monday, buses met passengers within the plaza. Now, buses no longer drive up to plaza doors.

Tim Kerstetter, a property manager with Auburn Associates, which owns Auburn Plaza, said Centro was asked to adjust the route to ensure public safety.

Although the route had included the plaza for many years, the decision came within the past couple weeks. Kerstetter said the concern for possible injuries was always in mind.

The plaza, a “congested” one, according to Centro’s Vice President of Communications and Business Planning Steve Koegel, does not have a shelter that passengers can wait under. Koegel said Wednesday that installing a shelter has been discussed.

The Auburn Citizen:
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