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Auburn city council to vote on police department pay raises

Struggling with a tight staff, the Auburn Police Department is asking city council to consider officer pay raises in an effort to attract more applicants.

The council will vote Thursday on a resolution that would reduce the police department's 10-step pay scale to an eight-step and increase starting pay rates.

Nineteen current employees would see raises, resulting in a total increase of $123,479. Employees who already receive top-tier salaries would not be given pay increases.

The Auburn Police Department is also requesting a language adjustment to its city contract to ease restrictions on lateral transfers. Currently, APD does not offer transfer candidates salaries higher than the pay scale's step four increment: $51,104. With the removal of this restriction, APD hopes to offer more attractive salaries to transfer candidates who may have years of experience.

At a Jan. 30 meeting, the union representing the New York Finger Lakes Region Police Officers Local #195 voted in favor of the new agreement. If passed by city council, the new agreement would last until June 30, 2020, when the current agreement expires.

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