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Auburn Police Department launches efforts to secure state accreditation

The Auburn Police Department recently announced it is working toward securing state accreditation for the department.

Securing this status through the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program has been a goal since day one for police Chief Shawn Butler and Deputy Chief Roger Anthony, who were promoted into their leadership posts in the summer of 2016, Anthony said. Preparing for accreditation will involve updating APD’s policies and procedures and will give the department “higher standards to live by,” he added.

“One of our main goals was to make sure our department and members operated as the most professional and transparent police agencies the City of Auburn has ever had,” Butler said in an email. “Our desire is to increase our transparency and level of trust we have with the community that we serve.”

Accreditation, he added, will ensure the department operates under best practice standards. The department’s policy and procedural manual is constantly changing and adapting, but the document hasn’t been updated in entirety for more than 25 years. Butler said accreditation comes with increased training hours for every officer and adherence to 110 required standards as outlined for the program by the state’s Office of Public Safety, which operates under the state Department of Criminal Justice Services.

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