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Brother returns to “Mikey’s Jump” at Bristol Mountain

People fly on Bristol Mountain like they never have before. It even leaves veterans of the ski aerial circuit breathless.

“This is the first time I’ve seen it in action, with people hittin’ it,” Chris Lillis said. “And I couldn’t be more excited.”

Lillis, the U.S. National Ski team member from Pittsford, has seen his share of air. But when he saw the new freestyle ski training center, he saw one thing first: “This was always Mikey’s, Mikey’s jump.”

And it always will be.

Mikey is Chris’s youngest brother who like Chris, and their oldest brother Jon, are natural aerialists. Jon is Chris’s teammate and a world champion at freestyle ski jumping. Mikey was destined to join them, but two October’s ago, he went to bed and never awoke.

He died in his sleep at the age of 17.

One of the expressions the Lillis family offered to keep Mikey in the hearts of greater Rochester’s ski jumping family, is by developing a world class facility where the aerialists of the future could grow.

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