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LANDFILL LANDSLIDE: Election wins by Republicans mean 2025 closing date of Seneca Meadows likely to be extended

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Republicans Frank Sinicropi and Kaitlyn Laskoski flipped control of the five-member board by easily defeating Democrats Doug Avery and Dave DeLelys in heavy turnout. The two winners will claim their board seats Jan. 1. Sinicropi ... more

Seneca Falls voters weigh garbage odors against fear of tax hikes: Will landfill’s mandated 2025 closing date stick?

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The upcoming election Tuesday for two seats on the Seneca Falls town board could well decide whether the state’s largest landfill, Seneca Meadows Inc., will be forced to close on Dec. 31, 2025. Residents of the ... more

OPINION: Avery responds to mailer received by Seneca Falls residents about financial future, landfill

If you are a resident of Seneca Falls, you recently received a letter in the mail from Kyle Black, manager of the Seneca Meadows Landfill. Upon closer inspection, many inaccuracies become apparent: I did not ... more

Seneca Falls Town Board cannot decide on engineering firm, decision could come next month

Odor issues, signage, and comprehensive plan included in Seneca Falls Town Board meeting
There are three options on the table, but the Seneca Falls Town Board was unable to make a decision at last week's meeting on who will serve as consulting engineers. The board has three proposals ... more
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INSIDE THE FLX: Doug Avery, Mike Ferrara face off to lead Seneca Falls beyond 2020 (podcast)

INSIDE THE FLX: Doug Avery, Mike Ferrara face off to lead Seneca Falls (podcast)
There are two candidates facing off in Seneca Falls for the opportunity to lead the Town Board, which has been subject of a lot of controversy over the last four years. As Election Day approaches, ... more

‘AGGRESSIVE’ DEFENSE APPROVED: SF moves toward showdown in court over landfill law as residents voice spectrum of concerns

Avery says planning will be a priority after SF audit draws up big criticism
Years have passed, and the makeup of the Seneca Falls Town Board has changed - but the debate hasn't eased. Stakeholders throughout the region have been weighing in on a proposed host agreement, which was ... more