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Seneca Falls Town Board cannot decide on engineering firm, decision could come next month

There are three options on the table, but the Seneca Falls Town Board was unable to make a decision at last week’s meeting on who will serve as consulting engineers.

The board has three proposals from Barton & Loguidice, MRB Group, and Hunt Engineers. Barton & Loguidice has served in this role for the last several years.

Debate around the subject proved touchy, as Councilmembers Steve Churchill and Doug Avery, both Democrats, remained at odds with Supervisor Mike Ferrara.

“No one said they wanted to interview the firms in January. Now you want to put it off until March,” Ferrara said. “B&L is a very capable firm. The engineer assigned to us, Pete Baker, is a dedicated and very capable professional. I’m sure all three are capable, but MRB will cost us less. It’s $165 per hour compared to $190 per hour, plus free grant-writing, a $20,000 savings,” Ferrara said.

Citing a lack of specifics, as well as expertise around landfills, Churchill said he’d like to stay with B&L. “B&L has done a good job,” Churchill added. “This is a lot of money. I like the fact that B&L has people experienced with landfill expertise. I don’t see that with MRB. They are less detailed in their billing rates. Nothing compels me to want to change.”