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Brian Manktelow

Assemblyman Manktelow isolated with COVID-19: Says he wasn’t vaccinated

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New York State Assemblyman Brian Manktelow, who represents Wayne and part of Cayuga counties, has tested positive for COVID-19. The Assemblyman said he felt sick, so he got tested. Sure enough, Manktelow was a confirmed ... more

Cuomo claims social distancing requirements is keeping press from his events, but he allowed them for a year

Siena Poll shows Cuomo favorability among voters still strong, despite pandemic challenges
Lawmakers in the Finger Lakes region and Rochester-area are growing concerned about the lack of reporters at recent press conferences held by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Since the rise of sexual harassment and misconduct allegations- the ... more

Village of Newark continues on its revitalizing efforts, winning another $336K through Main Street grant program

Newark begins DRI application process with public forum to gather input
Another day, another grant award for the village of Newark. It's become something of a trend- to see the village of Newark receive various grants to make the community better. It's been happening for years, ... more

Upstate lawmakers call for more specifics, focus on recovery after Gov. Cuomo’s ‘state of the state’ address

WATCH: All four days of Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State Addresses
As Governor Andrew Cuomo held his State of the State Address on Monday, lawmakers waited to see what major components would be included, or not, in his legislative agenda. For Upstate Republicans representing the Finger ... more