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Assemblyman Manktelow isolated with COVID-19: Says he wasn’t vaccinated

New York State Assemblyman Brian Manktelow, who represents Wayne and part of Cayuga counties, has tested positive for COVID-19.

The Assemblyman said he felt sick, so he got tested. Sure enough, Manktelow was a confirmed case of COVID-19. He’s doing better now, but hasn’t recovered fully yet.

While he didn’t suffer from fever or chills, Manktelow had severe headaches and nausea.

His family remains quarantined at their Lyons home. Manktelow said that he was not vaccinated, and that decision was based on underlying health issues.

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Wayne County reported 65 new cases of COVID-19 between Friday and Monday.

Ryan Mulhern from Wayne County Public Health says the symptoms are a little more serious with the Delta Variant, as it tends to give those who get COVID-19 a more intense experience.

“This strain seems to have a higher risk of more severe symptoms, hospitalizations and by sheer quantity of infections, death,” Mulhern told the Finger Lakes Times. “The vaccines have seen a small decrease in efficacy against preventing symptoms all together, but they remain very strong against hospitalizations and death, and they are still about 90% effective at preventing symptoms all together — an extremely high rate compared to most vaccines. They are still the best and most effective prevention against COVID-19, and we encourage everyone who hasn’t already done so to get vaccinated. Diligent mask usage is still the next best option as well.”