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If you’re vaccinated, what does it look like if you end up with a breakthrough case of COVID-19?

New research shows that those infected with COVID-19 who are already vaccinated end up with a milder infection than those who aren’t vaccinated against the disease. There are two studies in specific that show the vaccines help keep people safe from severe ... MORE
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Why is this state seeing 50,000 breakthrough cases of COVID-19?

When it comes to breakthrough cases, Arizona has seen some of the highest numbers among their vaccinated population. There have been 49,962 confirmed cases in fully vaccinated individuals, and 376 have died. Reasons for their deaths aren’t entirely clear. The most commonly ... MORE
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Why do breakthrough cases of COVID-19 keep happening, and can they be spread?

Breakthrough cases happen when a vaccinated person comes down with the COVID-19 virus. Most often symptoms are mild and hospitalization and death are avoided. Research appears to show that the risk of someone with a breakthrough case spreading the virus is low, ... MORE