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Why is this state seeing 50,000 breakthrough cases of COVID-19?

When it comes to breakthrough cases, Arizona has seen some of the highest numbers among their vaccinated population.

There have been 49,962 confirmed cases in fully vaccinated individuals, and 376 have died. Reasons for their deaths aren’t entirely clear.

The most commonly seen breakthrough cases are in those who had the Pfizer vaccine.

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Altogether, 29,857 had the Pfizer vaccine, 14,553 had the Moderna vaccine, and 5,552 had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Officials are concerned over the number of Pfizer vaccine breakthrough cases being so high.

One reason for the increase is breakthrough cases is the waning immunity given by the vaccine and the slow rollout of the booster shot.

Breakthrough cases are expected to become more common as the virus continues to spread. Vaccines aren’t 100% at stopping the virus from happening, but they can help the symptoms.

What’s most important to know is that everyone will likely become infected with the virus at some point, but it’s important to be vaccinated so the infection is mild and lowers the possibility of hospitalization or death.

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