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If you’re vaccinated, what does it look like if you end up with a breakthrough case of COVID-19?

New research shows that those infected with COVID-19 who are already vaccinated end up with a milder infection than those who aren’t vaccinated against the disease.

There are two studies in specific that show the vaccines help keep people safe from severe COVID-19, but the studies show overall sickness is just less severe.

Breakthrough infections increase the risk of death, but vaccines showed they gave great protection against those who tested positive during the Delta surge.

The vaccines effectiveness will inevitably wane over time, but those who were fully vaccinated had a lower risk of death. Employing mask use and social distancing is still an added layer of protection, even against vaccinated people.

This is important because even though the vaccine works to protect people against the virus, there are still risks if contracted.

Fully vaccinated people have been found to suffer from Long COVID. Though the risk of death or hospitalization is lowered, there are still risks for lung failure, the need for a ventilator, blood clots, psychosis, and seizures.

What also appears to be true based on research is that previously being vaccinated does not protect against certain outcomes of long COVID like arrhythmia, joint pain, Type 2 diabetes, liver disease, sleep disorders, and mood and anxiety disorders.

While vaccine helps to protect against catching it and it being severe, catching it at all is a risk in itself, and vaccinated people need to be careful too.

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