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2024 SCHOOL BUDGET VOTES: Two fail, most pass + board election results (full coverage)

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Voters in multiple school districts approved their budgets and various propositions on Tuesday, with numerous board of education members elected. A couple local school districts even saw budgets defeated.

What budgets were defeated in the Finger Lakes?

Preliminary results from school district votes across Tompkins County revealed that the Ithaca City School District budget failed by a 4,916-2,059 margin on Tuesday. Both propositions on the ballot also failed. Winning school board candidates were Emily Workman with 4,393 votes, Adam Krantweiss, Ph.D. with 3,953 votes, and Todd Fox with 2,805 votes.

The Ithaca City School District scheduled a special meeting for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday to certify the results. District officials will decide whether to resubmit the same budget proposal, revise it for a revote on June 18, or adopt a contingency budget.

What budgets passed in the Finger Lakes?

The Auburn Enlarged City School District approved its $104,404,172 budget with a 1.99% tax levy increase by a vote of 987-582. Voters also approved a proposition allowing a student representative on the school board, 1,196-365. Melissa Deyneka, Noel Romeo, and write-in Matteo Bartolotta were elected to the school board.

The Cato-Meridian Central School District passed its $23,805,174 budget with a 1.94% tax levy increase, 241-137, and approved a bus purchase proposition. Jenny Kyle and Eric Peckham won three-year board seats.

The Jordan-Elbridge Central School District approved its $37,415,000 budget with no tax levy increase, 245-129, along with multiple propositions, including establishing capital and bus reserve funds and increasing funding for local libraries.

Other districts in Cayuga County, including Moravia, Port Byron, Skaneateles, Southern Cayuga, Union Springs, and Weedsport, also passed their respective budgets and propositions with significant support, electing new members to their school boards and approving various funding measures for school improvements and library support.

In Williamson, the budget passed 390-170, with all propositions approved. Francis Gasparri was elected to the Board of Education. Wayne Central’s budget was approved 567-200, with Kate Baranek, Daniel J. Wildey, Amy Miller, and Dennis Landry elected to board positions.

Victor residents approved their budget 949-273, with Adam Snyder and Carol Prescott elected to the Board of Education. Sodus voters passed their budget 336-54 and approved a bus-purchase proposition, electing Kelly DeMarree and Eric Budinger to the board.

Red Jacket, Phelps-Clifton Springs, Palmyra-Macedon, North Rose-Wolcott, Naples, Marion, and Honeoye school districts also saw their budgets and propositions approved by wide margins. Each district elected new board members to serve in the upcoming terms, reflecting strong community support for their local schools.

Voters in the Canandaigua City School District approved a $91.1 million budget for the 2024-2025 school year with 76% support. Alongside the budget, a transportation purchase proposition and the Wood Library proposition were also approved. Beth Thomas and Milton Johnson were re-elected to five-year terms on the Board of Education, receiving 1,459 and 1,122 votes, respectively. Other candidates included Dr. Paul Harvey (596 votes), Kent Gilges (543), and Amber Valvano (542).

In Marcus Whitman, the budget vote passed with 559 votes in favor and 148 against. The bus proposition was approved 592 to 116, and the capital reserve proposition passed 547 to 154. Additionally, all library propositions were approved. Four board members were elected: Sheila Brown (547 votes), Tessah Reifsteck-Ciardi (510), Cindy Hall (467), and Jessica Wickham (462). Brooke Quayle and Michael Bentley received 354 and 224 votes, respectively.

Dryden’s budget passed 373-153, with all propositions approved. Groton’s budget passed 133-77, and Lansing’s budget was approved 695-419, along with a transportation proposition. Newfield’s budget failed by a narrow 266-248 margin, while Trumansburg’s budget and propositions passed 235-74.

Voters in the Watkins Glen and Odessa-Montour School Districts approved their 2024-25 budgets by wide margins on Tuesday. Watkins Glen’s $30,189,050 spending plan passed 195-43, while Odessa-Montour’s $21,258,665 budget was approved 146-30.

In Seneca Falls, the budget passed 242-74. Propositions 2-4 also passed by significant margins.

The Geneva City School District proposed budget passed with over 68 percent voter approval. Candidates Valerie Mallard and Brian Whitley won election to five-year terms on the school board.

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