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Best Countries for an American Man to Find a Wife

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The more the Internet grows, the smaller the world seems to become. It wasn’t long ago when trying to find a wife from outside your village or neighborhood was practically impossible for anyone below the aristocracy and the merchant classes.

Nowadays, however, it’s quite easy to find a date from across the world. Yes, some funds for the traveling costs would still be needed, but even that is significantly easier, more practical, and more affordable than it has ever been before.

Yet, if you’re interested in attempting to find a foreign wife, there is still the question of where you should look. With close to two hundred countries out there and countless different cultures and subcultures among them, you can expect a drastically varying experience based on where your future bride is from. This begs the question – which are the best countries for an American man to find a wife today? 

1. The Philippines

When we hear about American men marrying foreign women, we usually imagine them marrying an Asian lady. And the Asian lady in question, we typically imagine as a Filipina. There is a reason for that – Filipino women have been by far the most popular foreign brides and mail order wives for American men for decades.

This trend has been so significant that the Philippines even officially banned mail-order marriages a while ago. Of course, this law only applies to international marriage agencies, which doesn’t really affect the thousands of Filipinas who get into relationships with foreigners every year via the Internet.

It isn’t difficult to imagine what makes Filipino girls interested in moving abroad. What makes the Filipinas themselves so fascinating to Western men is equally apparent, however – they are stunningly beautiful, they are usually brought up with traditional values, and they are full of more zest for life than you’d find in ten Western girls.

2. Mexico

The fact that you can look for a potential bride across the world doesn’t mean you necessarily have to. After all, why bother looking that far, when there are beautiful and passionate Mexican girls right across the border? Not only are Mexican ladies some of the most gorgeous and awesome women in the world, but dating them instead of someone from East Asia will seriously cut down on your travel expenses.

Besides, there are over 37 million Mexicans living in the U.S. already anyway, so, you might not even need to look beyond the border.

3. Ukraine

Ukrainian women have always been one of the best choices for American men – even at the times when they’d been called “Russian mail order brides” as Ukraine was under Russian and/or Soviet occupation.

Even with the country now free, however, Ukrainian women are still more than eager to move to the West and find either Western European or American husbands. This trend has further been exacerbated by the most recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, but even before that, Ukrainian women were more than happy to look around for foreign husbands.

All this sums up to a phenomenal net positive for American men, however, as Ukrainian women are and always have been some of the most beautiful women in the world. They are also famously hardworking, family-oriented, and mentally strong.

4. South Korea

There are many different reasons why South Korean ladies should be made a priority in your search for a foreign bride. For one, South Korea has notoriously “impossible” beauty standards. For another, the growing social tensions between men and women in South Korea are leading not only to shockingly low marriage and fertility rates between South Koreans, but also to women there growing more and more interested in Western men instead.

5. Brazil

A lot of mail order bride sites and agencies have both grown increasingly popular in Latin America in recent years, and that’s especially the case when it comes to Brazilian beauties. That’s both because more and more American men are looking for fiery Latinas to spice up their lives and because many such Latinas are getting interested in finding U.S. men to date. After all, why wouldn’t any man be interested in finding a Brazilian bride? The women of this large South American country are literally synonymous with beauty and half-naked festivities.

6. China

The other big suggestion American men shouldn’t ignore in East Asia is the largest country there is – China. Finding a Chinese lady to date and marry can appear tricky at first but is very much worth it. Chinese women are the epitome of Asian beauty – petite, delicate, gorgeous, yet strong and resilient. They are also very traditional and family-oriented while also being hardworking, highly educated, and ambitious.

Of course, China has been going through its own demographic crisis for years, and it’s been going so bad that China is one of the biggest importers of Filipino mail order brides. This can make it seem like finding a Chinese bride to marry would be difficult. Yet, the reality is that China today is more open to the rest of the world than it has been for centuries, and many Chinese women are actively looking for any excuse or way to move to the West.

7. Thailand

Thai mail order brides are almost as popular in the West as Filipino mail order brides, and for many good reasons too. Thai women are among the most beautiful in the world, and Thailand is one of the most progressive and Western-oriented countries in Asia – so much so that they even recently legalized same-sex marriages, becoming only the third country in Asia to do so.

This progressive and Western look on culture, sociology, and politics is largely what makes Thai women such natural matches for Western men – Thai wives acclimate better and faster to life in the West than most other Asian brides while still being as beautiful, lovely, intelligent, and hardworking as Chinese, Korean, or Filipino brides.. That’s also a big factor in why many Westerners love visiting Thailand and are looking for Thai brides.

Thai girls themselves also seem to be especially fond of Westerners, as thousands of them look for potential American or European husbands online every year, much to the chagrin of Thai men.  

Wrapping Up

Of course, there are dozens of other amazing cultures you might find interesting when looking for a foreign woman to marry. Besides, every person is different, everyone has varying preferences and quirks, and women from any country can defy the norms most people would expect from them. So, while picking a country to look into is the first step in finding a foreign bride, there are still quite a lot of other steps you’d have to go through and consider rather carefully.

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