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New York urges helmet use during National Bike Safety Month

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During National Bike Safety Month this May, the New York Department of State’s Division of Consumer Protection has launched an initiative reminding New Yorkers to wear bike helmets. This campaign, highlighted during the department’s “Tuesday’s Tips” on social media, emphasizes helmet usage as crucial for reducing the risk of severe head injuries and saving lives. The announcement was made on May 8, 2024, as part of efforts to enhance safety for cyclists across the state.

Secretary of State Robert J. Rodriguez emphasized the importance of helmet use whether cycling for transportation or recreation. The campaign aligns with New York’s broader safety protocols, including participation from multiple state agencies advocating for consistent safety practices among cyclists. DMV Commissioner and Chair of the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, Mark J.F. Schroeder, also supported the initiative, stressing helmet usage for all rides regardless of duration.

The initiative is part of a larger state effort to ensure cyclist safety, which includes riding responsibly and exploring New York’s extensive bicycle trails. State officials hope that increased awareness about helmet safety will lead to fewer injuries and fatalities among cyclists, aligning with New York’s commitment to public safety and health.

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