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UR Thompson offers free fall prevention program

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UR Medicine Thompson Health hosted a free public seminar titled “Falls Prevention: Prepare to Prevent” at Ferris Hills at West Lake in Canandaigua, New York. The event, led by Parker Drumm, a licensed physical therapist with a doctorate from the University of Delaware, took place on Wednesday, April 24, in Rayburn Hall at the independent living community.

Drumm, who specializes in neurological disorders and orthopedics, provided attendees with insights on reducing fall risks through physical therapy, the role of physical activity in preventing falls, and the use of assistive devices. The session also covered the social fears associated with falling and the potential medical and financial impacts.

The event, aimed at enhancing community awareness and individual preparedness against falls, did not require prior registration. For those interested in learning more about fall prevention, Thompson Health encouraged contacting their Canandaigua Rehabilitation location.