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Company behind Waterloo solar project say it’s still on track

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The Trelina Solar Energy Center, aimed at establishing an 80 megawatt solar farm in Waterloo, New York, is moving forward in its development phase. NextEra Energy Inc., the Florida-based company behind the project, has recently applied for a water quality certificate as part of their ongoing efforts to meet environmental and regulatory standards. This certificate, crucial for the project’s advancement, is sought from the New York State Board of Electric Generation Siting and the Environment, which had already endorsed the project in late 2021.

In its pursuit of the necessary permits, NextEra has meticulously prepared and submitted comprehensive plans detailing the project’s impact on local aquatic resources, including wetlands and streams. Despite acknowledging minor, unavoidable impacts on certain wetlands, the company has proposed extensive measures to minimize environmental damage. This step reaffirms NextEra’s commitment to adhering to federal and state conservation laws, highlighting their dedication to sustainable development.

The Trelina Solar Project not only represents a significant investment in renewable energy but is also poised to inject millions of dollars into the local economy through additional tax revenue. As the project edges closer to realization, documents and applications related to the initiative have been made accessible to the public for review, ensuring transparency and community involvement in the developmental process. With a lease agreement already in place for the necessary land, the project is set to connect with the New York State Electric & Gas power station, further integrating renewable sources into the state’s energy grid.