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Spring Fling Brewers Festival returns to Geneva on April 27

The Seneca Lake Order of Brewers announced their second annual Spring Fling Brewers Festival to be held at Big aLICe brewery in Geneva on April 27. The festival, which sold out last year, aims to showcase the collaborative efforts of local brewers and support the Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association through a raffle.

Organizer Derek Edinger highlighted the festival’s goal of preserving Seneca Lake, a vital resource for the community and the brewing industry. The event underscores the brewers’ commitment to environmental stewardship, with proceeds from the raffle going to the Pure Waters Association. Bill Roege, the association’s president, expressed gratitude for the breweries’ support, emphasizing the importance of pure water for both brewing and regional prosperity.

All 23 Seneca Lake breweries will participate, offering attendees a chance to sample a wide range of beers and engage with the brewers. The festival not only promotes local craft beverages but also supports efforts to maintain the lake’s health. For tickets and more information, festival-goers are encouraged to visit the event’s website.