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Lyons set to welcome Civil War monument amid memorial debate

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Lyons Town Supervisor Jim Brady has announced plans for a new Civil War monument in Central Park, funded by a private donor, to honor the 111th New York Volunteer Infantry.

The initiative, however, involves relocating the existing Veterans Memorial Obelisk and Lyons veterans Wall of Honor to Taylor Memorial Park, sparking concern among local veterans and the Lyons Heritage Society.

The Finger Lakes Times reported on Tuesday that the move aims to make room for the bronze statue, expected to become a significant attraction for Wayne County. That said, it has led to heated discussions on social media and calls for the town board to reconsider the changes.

The Veterans Memorial Obelisk’s relocation in February and plans to move the Wall of Honor have drawn criticism for potentially overshadowing the commemoration of all veterans. The Lyons Heritage Society has voiced its objections, particularly regarding the new location’s suitability for Veterans Day events and its impact on the visibility of the Rotunda at Taylor Park, funded by Myron Taylor, a notable Lyons industrialist.

Despite the controversy, town officials argue the relocation will enhance Taylor Park and emphasize the broader goal of honoring local history while revitalizing the park area. A new foundation for the Civil War monument is slated for construction in Central Park this spring, with the monument’s installation scheduled for the summer of 2025.