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Consumer advocates: Watch out for spring home improvement scams

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The New York State Department of State’s Division of Consumer Protection issued a consumer alert, cautioning New Yorkers about the rise in home improvement scams during the spring season. According to Secretary of State Robert J. Rodriguez, springtime is a peak period for scammers targeting homeowners eager to make improvements, leading to substantial financial losses and shoddy workmanship.

The Division provides valuable tips to help homeowners avoid falling victim to these scams, such as obtaining multiple estimates, thoroughly vetting contractors, and ensuring all agreements are detailed in writing. They stress the importance of skepticism towards unsolicited offers, the dangers of pressure sales tactics, and the pitfalls of financing projects through contractors.

Homeowners are encouraged to report any issues to the New York State Division of Consumer Protection or the Attorney General’s office. With home improvement fraud consistently ranking among the top consumer complaints in New York, the Division aims to empower and educate residents on safeguarding their investments and ensuring reputable contractors undertake their projects.

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