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Major rail investment coming to the Finger Lakes: Millions for local projects

Nearly $25 million has been allocated by New York State for rail infrastructure enhancements in the Finger Lakes region, highlighting a broader initiative to fortify the state’s freight movement and bolster economic growth. This funding is a segment of a statewide investment totaling over $111 million, aiming to modernize transportation infrastructure to ensure safety, reliability, and environmental sustainability. The allocation is part of the Passenger and Freight Rail Assistance Program and is complemented by an additional $20.5 million from private investments.

Governor Kathy Hochul emphasized the critical role of New York’s freight rail networks and ports in the state’s economic framework, asserting that these investments are pivotal for maintaining competitive edge, mitigating pollution, and driving economic prosperity. The initiative reflects New York’s commitment to adapting its transportation assets to meet contemporary challenges while fostering economic vitality.

The Finger Lakes region will benefit from a variety of projects, including the enhancement of rail services to key facilities, safety and operational upgrades along crucial rail lines, and the introduction of eco-friendly locomotives. These projects not only aim to improve the efficiency and safety of rail transport but also to reduce environmental impact, illustrating a strategic approach to sustainable development and economic enhancement in the region.