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Skaneateles set for revitalized dining experience at former Hilltop

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Woodbine Hospitality Group has unveiled the initial renderings for the transformation of the former Hilltop Restaurant and Cedar House Lanes in Skaneateles into a multifaceted entertainment venue. This redevelopment project will introduce a new restaurant, taproom, coffee shop, wine bar, and game area, complete with hotel accommodations. The collaboration with East Aurora’s 42 North brewery promises to infuse the locale with premium beers and lively entertainment, enhancing the area’s vibrancy.

The envisioned game area, revealed through Woodbine’s renderings, will offer a variety of activities including dartboards, bowling lanes, a board game library, and simulated golf stations, aiming to create a family-friendly environment conducive to social gatherings. This initiative reflects a dedication to quality and guest experience, resonating with the community values that have made the original site a cherished destination for over three decades.

With exterior construction nearing completion and interior renovations set to begin, Woodbine Hospitality Group anticipates the opening of this dynamic complex by late fall. While the completion of the hotel rooms might extend beyond the opening, the food, beverage, and game areas are expected to welcome guests soon, marking a new chapter for Skaneateles as a year-round destination for dining, entertainment, and hospitality.