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Massive alligator seized from New York residence

Authorities in Hamburg, New York, undertook an unusual rescue operation, seizing a 750-pound alligator from a local home. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation reported on Wednesday that the 11-foot reptile, suffering from various health issues, including blindness and spinal complications, was found in an in-house in-ground pool designed specifically for its keep.

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The homeowner, whose license to keep the alligator expired in 2021 and was not renewed, had allegedly built an addition to his residence to accommodate the 30-year-old alligator. Reports indicate he also allowed public interaction with the unsecured animal, enabling visitors to enter the water and pet it.

The alligator has been entrusted to a licensed caretaker for the time being, with plans for its transfer to a permanent care facility. The Department of Environmental Conservation is considering potential charges against the homeowner, pending a veterinarian’s evaluation and evidence review.