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WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEKEND: Top 6 movies and shows streaming now

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Looking for something to watch this weekend? Between college basketball and all those Oscar winners from last Sunday you may be looking for something different to watch. We have our top picks for off the radar options to stream. Here are our top picks for the best shows and movies that are currently streaming now on Netflix, Hulu, Max, Prime, Apple TV+ and other popular streaming platforms.

‘The Diplomat’ (2023-present)

In this dynamic and sharp drama series, Keri Russell takes on the role of a foreign policy expert thrust into the unexpected position of U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom. The appointment is part of a strategic maneuver to assess her potential as a future vice president. Created by Debora Cahn, known for her work on “Homeland” and “The West Wing,” “The Diplomat” delves into the intricate interplay between protocol and politics. Russell delivers a compelling performance alongside Rufus Sewell, who portrays her husband, a figure constantly in the media spotlight. Described as a blend of political intrigue and romantic entanglements, the show is crafted in a high-energy, witty style reminiscent of Aaron Sorkin’s work. Critics have hailed it as a thrilling mix of suspense and humor, with echoes of the fast-paced dynamics seen in “Call My Agent!”—another series adept at navigating the complexities of managing powerful personalities.

‘A Thousand and One’ (2023)

Director A.V. Rockwell skillfully transports viewers to 1994 New York City in this poignant character-driven drama. Beyond mere aesthetic nostalgia, Rockwell intricately weaves the city’s historical backdrop into the lives of her characters, highlighting the enduring struggles against issues like “quality of life” policing and gentrification. The narrative follows a young woman’s journey to rebuild her life and raise her son after her time at Rikers Island, with Teyana Taylor delivering a heart-wrenching performance as the resilient mother. Josiah Cross captivates as her son, portraying the challenges of adolescence with charisma and empathy. As the story unfolds, the closing scenes reveal profound and emotionally charged revelations, transcending mere polemics to offer a deeply affecting exploration of resilience and redemption.

‘All of Us Strangers’ (2023)

Andrew Haigh crafts a poetic and evocative narrative in his loose adaptation of Taichi Yamada’s novel “Strangers.” In this tale of love, loss, and liberation, Andrew Scott delivers a remarkable performance as a solitary screenwriter who finds solace in a spontaneous connection with his spirited younger neighbor, portrayed by Paul Mescal. As he delves into a script inspired by his own past, the boundaries between reality and memory blur in unexpected ways. Haigh masterfully navigates between realism and myth, maintaining a delicate balance throughout. The central relationship brims with genuine tenderness and authenticity, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the emotional journey. Critic Alissa Wilkinson suggests embracing the film’s immersive experience, allowing its poignant moments to wash over you.

‘Parasite’ (2019)

Bong Joon Ho’s groundbreaking film, the first non-English language movie to clinch the Academy Award for Best Picture, resonated deeply with audiences worldwide. Seamlessly blending suspense with sharp social commentary, the film offers profound insights into the divide between the privileged and the marginalized. At its center is a family of hustlers, led by the acclaimed Song Kang-ho, who infiltrate the lives of a wealthier household under the guise of various service roles. However, their scheme takes an unexpected turn, leading to unforeseen consequences for all involved. Manohla Dargis lauds Bong’s adeptness in delivering uncomfortable truths with a unique blend of wit and sincerity, devoid of any pretense or ulterior motives.

‘Choir’ (2024)

Viewers of “America’s Got Talent” in 2019 were in for a surprise when the Detroit Youth Choir took the stage. Far from a traditional choir, this group of 52 youngsters delivered dynamic performances, seamlessly blending rap and dance to tunes by artists like Macklemore and Carrie Underwood. Their versatility even earned them a spot backing up Weezer in a later appearance on the show. In this six-episode documentary series, the focus shifts to the choir’s charismatic director, Anthony White, as he navigates the challenges of sustaining their momentum. From recruiting new talent to securing exciting performance venues and maintaining the choir’s educational and social initiatives, White faces a multitude of hurdles. While the series showcases plenty of electrifying moments, it doesn’t shy away from highlighting the immense effort and dedication required behind the scenes.

‘Causeway’ (2023)

In this heartfelt drama, two individuals grappling with their own inner demons find solace and healing through an unexpected connection. Jennifer Lawrence portrays Lynsey, a soldier returning to New Orleans following a devastating I.E.D. explosion in Afghanistan, leaving her with a traumatic brain injury and deepening depression. As Lynsey navigates her new reality, she forms a platonic bond with an auto mechanic, portrayed by Brian Tyree Henry, who shares her haunted past. Their unlikely friendship blossoms naturally, offering a sense of comfort amidst their respective struggles. Amidst the backdrop of poolside encounters with Lynsey’s out-of-town clients, the film delves into themes of shared trauma and the transformative power of human connection.

We hope that you enjoy your weekend streaming whatever you decide to watch!

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