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$1,312 stimulus check for March: Who is eligible for this payment?

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Alaskans are set to receive a significant financial boost this March, with a $1,312 stimulus payment from the Permanent Fund Dividend. This upcoming distribution is part of a long-standing program funded by the state’s mineral revenue, aimed at providing financial support to its residents. The Alaska House of Representatives is poised to vote on a constitutional amendment ensuring the continuation of this dividend, a move that could solidify the payment’s future despite potential budgetary challenges.

The proposal, known as House Joint Resolution 7, seeks to anchor the dividend’s formula in law, a method that has been bypassed through annual budget laws since 2016 due to financial concerns. If passed, the amendment could lead to dividends of approximately $3,500 per person but would also introduce a $1.3 billion annual deficit based on current service levels and revenue.

Payments are scheduled to begin on March 21 for residents with an “Eligible-Not-Paid” status as of March 13, marking a continuation of Alaska’s tradition of distributing checks from its Permanent Fund each October. This initiative underscores the state’s commitment to sharing its mineral wealth with residents, despite the fiscal implications of sustaining such a generous dividend program.

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