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Top 5 Crypto Exchanges to Swap Crypto Anonymously

Are you looking for a reliable and convenient crypto exchange to swap your coins anonymously? Don’t want to share your private data with exchange platforms? Have no desire to test dozens of sites. No worries. This short guide is just for you. We’ve handpicked the top 5 crypto exchanges that allow anonymous crypto trades. 

There is no need to waste dozens of hours researching, registering, and testing every single crypto platform out there. Read this article, access the pros and cons of each site that we’ve shortlisted for you, and make a well-informed decision. Yes, it’s that easy! Ready? Let’s go!


If you value privacy and anonymity while exchanging cryptos online, consider LetsExchange. The beauty of this platform is that they don’t ask you for KYC details. In other words, you can convert ETH to XRP or make other exchanges on their platform anonymously. 

More importantly, the number of crypto pairs that the platform allows to trade is huge. There are approximately 1.8 million pairs for you to choose from. That’s a lot! And if you are sick and tired of trading limits, you can forget about them. LetsExchanges doesn’t set any trading limits for its users. Great, right? It means you can sell and purchase as many cryptos as you need or want. 

On top of that, LetsExchange does care about your security. They take a lot of measures (like SSL protocols) to make sure you are always protected. Many traders love this platform for its super reasonable exchange fees. And you don’t have to wait too much while swapping cryptos. Let’s say you’d like to exchange BTC to ETH fast. On LetsExchange, you can do this within minutes.

Finally, we’ve noticed that this platform has many great reviews on Trustpilot. This is a good sign for traders like you. 


Uniswap is a secure and easy-to-use crypto exchange that allows you to swap 858 Coins. It’s a decentralized and anonymous platform. They won’t require any KYC details from you. There are also 1507 trading pairs available on their site. It’s trendy among traders. According to the stats provided on CoinWeb, over 30 million people use this platform every month. 

Their website is very newbie-friendly and easy to navigate. However, they don’t have any mobile trading app, which is not convenient for many people. 

In addition, Uniswep stands out thanks to its complete transparency. And it’s possible to earn crypto with the help of liquidity mining. One of the biggest cons of the platform is that they don’t accept FIAT money. There are also gas fees. This is something you need to take into account as well. 


Kucoin allows you to trade 700+ coins and altcoins. It gives you a lot of exchange options to choose from. Low trading fees that range from 0.1% to 0.02% are also attractive. Kucoin is easy to use, which is another advantage. 

However, there are disadvantages, too. And you should be aware of them. KuCoin is not licensed in the US. It has no licenses to operate in the US. Thus, it’s not the best choice for American traders. More importantly, there are negative reviews from users. Many people complain about poor customer service and withdrawal problems.


This platform is known for low fees and advanced trading features like short selling and margin trading. You won’t have to pay any trading fees if your monthly trading volume is lower than $100,000. That’s really great. This is a real deal for new traders. However, the upcoming migration of this platform to Cosmos-based blockchain may result in some execution risks and platform issues. 


Bybit is known for its fast trade execution. The speed of the average trade execution is 0.0005s. This is important if you’d like to try leveraged trading. Bybit allows high leverage up to 100x. It means it maximizes profits but also increases risk. 24/7 multilingual customer support is another great thing about Bybit. 

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