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How to Hire Senior Software Engineers in Romania

In the vast global technology landscape, Romania emerges prominently as a beacon of IT excellence. Experts service tailored exclusively for IT recruitment in Romania is a significant pillar upholding this esteemed stature.

When looking for a partner with unparalleled commitment and expertise, ensure they have relevant experience to tap into Romania’s abundant IT talent pool. For foreign technology companies, this reservoir of skilled professionals in Romania signifies an invaluable asset, particularly in the ever-evolving domain of information technology.

Why Romania?

Numbers often tell a story, and in the case of Romania, they paint a picture of a burgeoning tech giant. The Global Innovation Index 2023 highlights that Romania isn’t just making strides but leaping forward, establishing itself within the top 50 innovative nations worldwide. This notable ascent is a testament to Romania’s genuine commitment to technological progression and inventive endeavors.

Delving into tech expertise, we see that Romania’s presence becomes even more eminent. Despite its modest geographical size, the country has a notably concentrated pool of tech professionals. As of 2023, Romania houses 200,000 IT specialists and is 4th in Europe regarding the number of citizens employed in ICT. Such a rich repository positions Romania as an attractive destination for businesses seeking adept, forward-thinking individuals.

But Romania’s accolades don’t stop at tech talent. In the financial arena, the nation is making its mark in software development. Recent projections show that in 2024, Romania’s software sector will pull in a commendable $375 million in revenue. This underscores Romania’s expanding influence in IT and cements its spot as the13th most potent force in European software development. These milestones make it evident — Romania is swiftly evolving into a nexus of IT brilliance and modernization.

Navigating the Romanian IT Landscape

As businesses set their sights on Romania, understanding the nuances of its IT landscape becomes essential. While numbers and stats paint a promising picture, the real essence lies in the lived experiences of businesses and the tales of success fostered by collaborations with expert partners.

Cultural Compatibility and Language Proficiency

A crucial aspect often overlooked by businesses venturing abroad is cultural compatibility. Romanian developers aren’t just adept at coding; they’re also known for their adaptability, a trait honed by Romania’s rich history and diverse influences. This adaptability translates seamlessly into the professional realm, making collaborations smooth and productive.

Further enhancing Romania’s appeal as a prime location for hiring developers is the mastery of the latter in the English language. According to the EF English Proficiency Index, Romania proudly sits at #15 out of 112 countries. Their overall English-speaking capability is rated high, with an impressive score of 596. With each passing year, Romanians continue to sharpen their English skills, ensuring that communication between in-house and offshore teams remains fluid and efficient.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that many Romanians possess proficiency in languages like French, Hungarian, and Italian, further exemplifying their linguistic versatility.

Financial Considerations

The financial benefits of hiring from Romania cannot be understated. Developers in Romania enjoy competitive salary packages. According to a salary survey, Romanian developers offer quality work at rates that are often more competitive than their Western counterparts. For instance, a middle Mobile Developer in Romania makes $36K yearly compared to their American counterparts with an average income of $98K. The same is true for Junior and senior specialists:  junior and senior Full-Stack Developers in Romania earn $31K and $67K, respectively, while the salaries in the US range from $97K to $150K

Moreover, it’s noteworthy that Romania offers a favorable economic landscape. With local developers typically paying a low personal income tax rate, the overall cost metrics become even more enticing for international businesses. Check for yourself: exemption from personal income tax is available to those Romanian programmers whose salary doesn’t exceed the monthly limit of 10,000 Lei, inclusive, which equals $2150. Higher incomes are subject to a 10% PIT. On top of that, companies specializing in R&D and innovation are not required to pay corporate income tax for ten years of business activity. Beckoning, isn’t it? 

Delving into the Recruitment Process

Understanding the recruitment process is pivotal for any business. What is there to know about Romanian coders? Developers from Romania are renowned for their technical expertise and fluency in English. Romanian developers exhibit expertise in sought-after technologies like Java, .NET, PHP, C++, C#, and Python. When it comes to remuneration, a Full-Stack Software Developer in Romania typically has a salary range of $21,000-$72,000, presenting businesses with a competitive and economically advantageous option. Make sure to consider this information when setting your recruitment goals. 

To encapsulate, Romania, with its hefty revenue of more than 1 million in IT services in 2024, is on the rise as an emerging job market for US companies. The financial dynamics also become favorable, with the local developers subjected to a minimal personal income tax rate.

The Alcor Assurance

Stepping into a foreign job market can be daunting, but much of the uncertainty dissipates with Alcor BPO as your ally. Their commitment to quality, as seen by their meticulous selection process (where they only select candidates with at least 4+ years of experience), ensures that businesses aren’t just filling roles but are onboarding assets.

Alcor’s consistent track record, where an average of 8 CVs leads to one accepted offer, is a testament to their quality-first approach. Their dedication doesn’t end at recruitment. With their all-encompassing support structure and an all-in-one R&D solution, businesses can be confident that they will receive guidance throughout the entire hiring and onboarding process, as well as assistance in legal & compliance, payroll, leasing an office, and procuring equipment. 

Final Thoughts

In the grand tapestry of global IT recruitment, Romania shines brightly, not just as a hub of talent but as a nexus of innovation, adaptability, and growth. Partnering with seasoned experts ensures businesses don’t merely tap into this potential but truly embed themselves within it, fostering relationships built to last and grow. As the world becomes more interconnected and business boundaries expand, Romania’s rich IT legacy and promising future are undoubtedly a beacon for those looking to scale new heights.

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