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Schumer requests federal aid for NY hospitals hit by cyberattack

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has called for emergency financial support for New York hospitals suffering from a significant cyberattack. The attack on Change Healthcare, a key provider of health care systems, has left thousands of pharmacists and hospitals unable to process electronic prescription claims. Schumer’s request aims to alleviate the cash flow crises looming over these health care providers by utilizing the Accelerated and Advance Payments program.

The cyberattack, attributed to the ransomware group ALPHV or Blackcat, has disrupted Change Healthcare’s operations since February 21, posing severe financial and operational challenges for health care providers. Schumer highlighted the urgent need for federal assistance to prevent the financial downfall of these institutions, noting that a substantial number of New York hospitals are already considered financially distressed.

The Greater New York Health Association reported significant operational disruptions, with the cyberattack affecting not only pharmacies but also hospitals’ billing and insurance processes. This situation has prompted calls for regulatory relief and efforts to continue providing essential services to patients. The American Hospital Association emphasized the broader impact on the health care system, underscoring the growing threat of cyberattacks on sensitive health care data and the urgent need for robust cybersecurity measures.