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Ontario County 911 will be able to ‘go live’ with callers

The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office is elevating its emergency response capabilities with the introduction of Prepared Live, a cutting-edge live-stream software, to its 911 dispatch center. This innovative technology allows dispatchers to view live video from callers, providing immediate visual context to emergencies as they unfold.

To use this service, 911 callers will be asked for permission to start a live stream. Upon agreement, they’ll receive a link to share real-time video directly with the 911 center. Officials assure that this feature respects privacy, granting no access to the phone’s other contents or settings. Dispatchers have undergone thorough training to maximize the software’s effectiveness.

Set to launch on Monday, March 4, 2024, Prepared Live positions Ontario County at the forefront of emergency response innovation. The software, already aiding over 35 million citizens nationwide, promises to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the county’s Public Safety Answering Points.