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Tompkins County seeks public input on first strategic operations plan

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Tompkins County is inviting its residents to contribute their insights and opinions towards the development of the county’s inaugural Strategic Operations Plan. The initiative marks a significant step in enhancing governmental decision-making, focusing on budget allocations, initiative developments, and community program offerings. A brief survey, accessible on the county’s official website until February 28, serves as a platform for public participation, alongside three in-person feedback sessions that took place in September.

The aim of the Strategic Operations Plan is to provide a clear directive for county departments on serving the public efficiently and achieving overarching goals. The county emphasizes the plan’s role in shaping future administrative actions and enhancing service delivery across the region.

Officials are encouraging the community to actively engage in the survey, highlighting the opportunity for residents to influence how the county prioritizes its resources and addresses key challenges. This feedback process is poised to play a crucial role in determining the strategic direction and priorities of Tompkins County, ensuring that the governance aligns with the needs and aspirations of its constituents.