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Waverly takes action against train stalls impacting village

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In Waverly, Trustee and Deputy Mayor Keith Correll is leading efforts to address the problem of prolonged train stalls that have been disrupting local businesses and residents. The issue, which affects three key crossings in the village, not only inconveniences the community but also poses significant risks by blocking access for emergency responders. Correll’s initiative aims to find a permanent solution to the problem, which has left residents in a difficult position during these stalls.

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State Senator Tom O’Mara’s office and representatives from Norfolk Southern, the railway company involved, met on February 6 to discuss potential solutions. Correll emphasized the importance of collaboration with the Department of Transportation and engineers to explore options such as constructing overpasses or finding alternative routes to eliminate grade crossings, a solution also favored by Norfolk Southern to improve safety and efficiency.

Norfolk Southern expressed their commitment to minimizing community disruptions caused by stopped trains, highlighting efforts to keep trains moving safely and to work with communities on both short-term and permanent solutions. The railway company also mentioned its willingness to contribute to crossing closure programs and assist in securing infrastructure grants, showing a proactive approach to resolving the ongoing issue in Waverly.