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McDonald’s CEO says prices are too high for some customers

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McDonald’s has recognized that its prices have become too steep for some patrons, particularly those earning $45,000 or less annually, leading to a decline in visits from this customer group. In a recent earnings call, CEO Chris Kempczinski attributed this trend to the rising cost of dining out compared to eating at home, highlighting that the fast-food giant had to impose “mid to high single-digit price increases” last year due to inflation. This move aimed to balance affordability while managing rising costs, but it has prompted the company to reevaluate its pricing strategy.

The fast-food chain is now shifting its focus towards enhancing affordability to attract a broader customer base. Kempczinski emphasized the importance of refining McDonald’s pricing methodology and making digital offers more personalized to cater to individual customer preferences. Special attention will be given to the D123 menu, offering $1, $2, and $3 options, as part of the company’s strategy to offer value for money in the coming year.

This approach marks a significant change in McDonald’s strategy, reflecting a broader trend among fast-food chains grappling with the challenge of maintaining affordability amidst inflation and increased operational costs. McDonald’s, along with others like Chipotle and Fatburger, faces the delicate task of adjusting prices while ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, indicating a potential industry-wide shift towards more competitive pricing and value offerings.

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