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Ontario County enhances historical tourism with augmented reality

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Ontario County is calling on innovative minds to blend history with cutting-edge technology. The county, rich in historical landmarks and stories, is looking to adopt Augmented Reality (AR) to bring its blue historical markers, plaques, and statues to life. This initiative, spearheaded by Visit Finger Lakes, aims to provide an immersive experience, allowing visitors to not only read about historical events but to witness narrated stories unfold right before their eyes.

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One highlighted example is the Ontario County Courthouse marker, which commemorates Susan B. Anthony’s trial for attempting to vote in the 1872 Presidential election—a time when only men were allowed to vote. This project seeks to narrate the fuller story of Anthony and other pivotal figures directly at the historical sites, making it a virtual museum experience through AR technology.

A Request For Proposals (RFP) has been issued as of February 1, inviting businesses with expertise in AR design, website design, and storytelling to contribute to this innovative project. Proposals are welcomed until February 15, with further details available on the Visit Finger Lakes website. This venture promises to revolutionize the way history is experienced in Ontario County, blending education with technology to engage both locals and tourists in a new and exciting way.