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Hochul proposes dedicated police forces to deal with retail theft

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In response to the growing concern over retail theft in New York, Governor Kathy Hochul has announced new initiatives aimed at curbing shoplifting. Highlighted in her state of the state address, Governor Hochul’s plan includes boosting funding for local and state police forces to establish dedicated teams focused on tackling this issue. Additionally, the governor is advocating for the creation of a tax credit to support businesses that have been adversely affected by theft.

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Amid rising incidents of shoplifting, which have impacted both local shops and large retailers, the state is exploring various strategies to address the problem. Senator Jake Ashby has echoed the need for more robust measures, introducing a bill to the senate aimed at increasing penalties for repeat offenders. This legislative effort underscores the urgency of finding effective solutions to protect businesses and maintain public safety.

While Governor Hochul vetoed a bill last November that sought to establish a task force against organized theft, her current stance signals a proactive approach to legislative changes. The proposed legislation to enhance penalties for assaulting retail workers marks a significant step towards addressing the broader issue of retail crime in New York. These measures represent the state’s commitment to safeguarding businesses and ensuring a safe shopping environment for its citizens.