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Supervisors table grant for park in Covert

In a recent Seneca County Board of Supervisors meeting, a unanimous decision to create a county water and sewer authority was overshadowed by a debate over a $20,000 tourism promotion grant.

The grant, requested by the town of Covert, aims to support the Three Falls Local Development Corporation (LDC) in managing the former Boy Scout Camp Barton, soon to become a public park.

The state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation has agreed to purchase the camp, with management duties falling to the Three Falls LDC, representing Covert, Ulysses, and Trumansburg.

Covert Town Board member Deborah Nottke appealed for the funds, highlighting the need to prepare the new park for a May 1 opening. Despite Covert’s contribution to the LDC, supervisors Jeff Trout and Mike Rhinehart questioned the town’s investment and suggested the county might be better positioned to hold a board seat. Nottke detailed the expenses, including legal, accounting, and operational costs, totaling $60,000 divided among the involved municipalities.

After considerable discussion, the committee decided to table the grant request until a special meeting of the Economic Development and Tourism Committee.