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U.S. Catholic school enrollment experiences historic rise

The United States Catholic schools are witnessing their most significant enrollment increase in decades, with a remarkable turnaround from a 6.4% drop between 2019 and 2021. In a recent Associated Press report, the nationwide enrollment in 2023 surged by 62,000 students, reaching approximately 1.68 million, marking the largest growth in fifty years. This resurgence reflects a renewed interest in Catholic education across the country.

The story of Faith Vavra Bergman, a 1992 alumna of Seton Catholic Central in upstate New York, exemplifies the deep impact of Catholic education. Residing over a thousand miles away in Oklahoma, Bergman named her son Nickolas after her alma mater, underscoring the profound influence of her school years. The family celebrated Nickolas’s baptism at Seton Catholic Central’s gym, attended by many of Bergman’s former classmates, highlighting the strong community ties fostered by the school.

Seton Catholic Central, like many Catholic schools, prides itself on offering a personalized education experience that emphasizes faith, family, and academic excellence. According to Patrick Monachino, the principal, and Nickolas Bergman, a senior at the school, this environment nurtures individuality and a strong sense of community. The school welcomes students of all religions and has noted an increase in international student enrollment, signaling a broad appeal of its educational approach. Catholic school leaders are optimistic that this trend will continue, benefiting future generations of students.

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