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Hochul proposes $233B budget with focus on migrant, Medicaid, and education (webcast)

Governor Kathy Hochul has unveiled a proposed executive budget for Fiscal Year 2025, setting a record at $233 billion. This budget surpasses last year’s $229 billion and primarily focuses on public safety, healthcare, education, and addressing the migrant crisis.

The budget highlights major increases in funding for education, Medicaid, and migrant support without implementing new taxes or tapping into the state’s reserves. The plan includes a $1.9 billion commitment to the ongoing migrant crisis, with Governor Hochul seeking additional federal support.

Key allocations include $2.4 billion for managing the migrant crisis, with $500 million from state reserves. The budget also outlines a significant increase in school aid, totaling around $35 billion, and proposes changes in aid distribution to balance support between wealthy and poorer districts.

Further, the budget includes substantial investments in public safety, including measures against retail theft, domestic violence, and hate crimes. Additionally, $207 million is proposed for operations at the State University of New York and City University of New York, plus $1.2 billion for higher education capital projects.

As New York City Mayor Eric Adams prepares his budget, the state continues to manage extensive expenses for migrant support, including housing, legal services, and National Guard personnel. The Biden administration’s contribution of less than $200 million to these efforts has been a point of contention, especially as migrant arrivals continue to impact the city.