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Mobile sports betting hits record $862M in revenue for NYS

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New York State’s mobile sports wagering, marking its second year, has generated a staggering $862 million in revenue, contributing significantly to education, youth sports, and problem gambling prevention. Governor Kathy Hochul announced this achievement, which, combined with the previous year’s revenue and licensing fees, totals $1.75 billion. This achievement sets a national record for mobile sports betting income.

Governor Hochul highlighted the success of New York in providing responsible entertainment while generating unprecedented revenue for beneficial causes. In just two years, New York’s total sports wagering reached $35.7 billion, ranking third in the U.S. after New Jersey and Nevada. However, New York achieved this in a much shorter period compared to the longer operational durations of mobile sports betting in the other states.

The revenue from mobile sports wagering supports various state needs. It allocates $5 million for youth sports programs, $6 million for problem gambling education and treatment, and the majority for education aid. The New York State Gaming Commission ensures the integrity of gaming, focusing on responsible betting and offering support for those facing gambling issues.

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