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Union Springs FD gets UTV thanks to donations

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The Union Springs Volunteer Fire Department has enhanced its emergency response capabilities with the acquisition of a new tracked Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV). Chief Garret Waldron, speaking with Finger Lakes News Radio, expressed excitement about the UTV, particularly for its utility in rural areas and difficult terrains.

This new UTV, equipped with tracks, is designed to navigate challenging conditions like mud and snow, which are often encountered in off-road situations. It is a vital asset for responding to incidents in remote areas, such as conducting rescues in Great Gully. Prior to this acquisition, the department relied on mutual aid from the Owasco Fire Department for such situations.

The UTV is not only capable of traversing rough terrains but also comes equipped with an EMS unit and a portable pump. This addition enables the firefighters to tackle field fires more efficiently without requiring a pump-equipped pickup truck.

The total cost of the vehicle, along with its equipment and apparatus, amounted to $58,000. Chief Waldron emphasized that this purchase did not burden the taxpayers, as it was funded through grants, donations from individuals, businesses, and the Cayuga Nation. The department recently received $10,000 in grant funding specifically for the vehicle.