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Wolcott dissolution vote set for March 12

The small community of Wolcott faces a pivotal decision as residents gathered at the Village Hall to discuss the upcoming vote on whether to dissolve the village. The proposal, initiated last month through a certified petition, suggests merging the village into a single town, a move that could reshape the community’s future. Residents, deeply invested in the outcome, described the vote as one of the most significant in Wolcott’s history.

The debate centers around potential benefits and drawbacks of the dissolution. Mayor Christopher Henner emphasized the potential job losses, including those of the village’s two police officers, if the village were to dissolve. He advocates for preserving the village, citing its rich history, dedicated employees, and quality of services provided to residents. Local business owner Jeff Smith also voiced concerns, highlighting the village’s efficiency in maintaining clean streets and removing snow, crucial for his business and the community’s well-being.

As the village gears up for an informative meeting on January 9th, the actual vote is set for March 12th. The proposal to dissolve has sparked a mix of opinions among residents, with some fearing the loss of their community identity and others possibly eyeing economic benefits.